The Last Place You Look

Received a "Recommended Review" from Kirkus Reviews:

"Refreshingly, it makes getting back into the dating world seem like an exhilarating opportunity rather than a scary obligation. A plainspoken, handy volume for anyone looking for love but daunted by dating." -- Kirkus Reviews

Complete Kirkus Review of The Last Place You Look


"Want love, but hate dating? Award-winning life coach Jim McCoy shows you how to find love through authentic connection, using real-life experiences from dozens of daters and non-daters. Easy to read and easy to relate to, The Last Place You Look is the first place to look to find the fulfilling relationship you’ve always wanted." -- book description on Ingram


"The real life anecdotes are GREAT! Very interesting to peek into other people's relationships...I wish I'd read this when I was single." -- children's book author Dian Curtis Regan


"This book should be required reading for all who are still searching for their life partner. I really appreciated the practical guidance and true life stories. There is hope!" -- Linda Hickok, Amazon reviewer


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 Use Your Words

"Like sitting down with a good friend who can help you sort out your options with wit, warmth, and good sense."--Melissa Wyatt, author of Funny How Things Change


“Jim McCoy understands that saying what you mean starts with understanding what you want. This book not only helps you convey your messages clearly, but it helps you with the foundation of knowing and setting your intentions. A must read for anyone embarking on a personal quest, whatever it may be.”--Nicole Valentine, former Vice President at CNN, Chief Technology Officer at, and author of A Time Traveler’s Theory of Relativity


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Verse Advice

A compilation of verses, each eight lines of iambic tetrameter, accompanied by the gorgeous photography of Edie Freedman.


"Jim McCoy inspires readers to slow down, look inward, consider what a life well lived might look like, and take positive action for their own life and the life of the world. These poems are meant to be read, pondered, savored. And read again." -- Anne Broyles, author of Journaling: A Spiritual Journey


"Deceptively short in length but long on meaning, these verses unfold to reveal gems of subtlety, richness, nuance, significance, truth. Bold statement, gut punch, or whisper, they'll linger..." -- Linda A. Janssen, author of The Emotionally Resilient Expat


"Verse Advice: Uncommon Sense in Rhyme is like a slender book of recipes for comfort food for the soul. Highly recommended for anyone who hungers for a taste of positivity in life." -- Rob Costello, author and writing teacher


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