"Jim McCoy is an exceptional life coach who helped me to discover what I really want from my life and career, and helped me to clarify the steps I need to take to make my dreams a reality.


Jim’s exceptional listening skills, strong sense of empathy, and ability to understand what I didn’t say as well as what I did say enabled me to uncover some of the underlying issues that were keeping me from moving forward with my career and my life.


He asked deep, thought-provoking questions to help me identify new options and possibilities, and offered valuable guidance and insights that encouraged me to take the next steps to explore those options. With Jim’s help, I was able to find my passion in life and to reach for my dreams."


Stacie Barker, Sudbury, Massachusetts

 "I came to Jim because I felt I needed to use my daily work hours more productively. He listened to my frustrations, provided some logical reasoning, and then gave me corrective measures to help me recoup wasted time. He then asked about my long-term goals, which I could state, but had no real plan for achieving them.


Jim not only showed me how to define my goals more clearly, but also how to define the steps I need to take to reach them. I am now getting more done each day, have a better grasp of what I want my future to look like, and have greater control over making it happen."


Ken Circeo, Mill Creek, Washington

"After about a month of online dating and meeting a few very nice-but-not-for-me men, I was ready to give up. That's when I got this kind of advice from Jim: Don't think of these meetings as dates, but as nothing more than conversations you might have with people at a party. You'll talk to many people and most will be pleasant, some will be interesting, but a very few will be intriguing and potentially datable.


By lowering what I felt was at stake, I lowered my anxiety about meeting men, and -- what do you know? -- very soon I met 'the one'!"


Sharon Darrow, Montpelier, Vermont

"I can best describe Jim’s strengths as a life coach by describing him in another context, which because it’s more tangible, is easier to write about concretely.  Jim happened to be with me when two of my dogs got lost in the (vast) Mexican countryside.  He helped me look for them, using precisely those skills I have always appreciated in him as a life coach:

  • He made astute and specific suggestions (follow the water; that’s where the dogs will most likely go)
  • He gave unstintingly of his time (he was on vacation and spent the last half of it looking for the dogs)
  • He retained his vast good humor and energy, which was a huge boost during this very difficult period
  • He allowed me to be the ultimate arbiter of what to do—he listened to me patiently; he asked questions; he teased at the logic behind my thoughts, if necessary; and he supported my final decisions.

Yes, I found the dogs.  I also found a way to describe Jim, as a life coach, as a friend . . . . There are certain qualities that, to my mind, are at once indispensable and ideal in a life coach, and Jim just happens to be born with all of them."


Franny Billingsley, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Jim McCoy. I started working with him a year and a half ago (when I was in major crisis mode). He's intelligent, funny, and incredibly compassionate. I've had more growth with him than I did after a few years with my Boston-based psychiatrist. His method works for me because he does more than simply mirror my feelings -- He actually gives me his opinion when I ask for it.


He's helped me gain confidence and direction. He always makes himself available to talk and never makes me feel like it's a chore. I HIGHLY recommend him as a life coach. He'll change your world!"


Katherine Ayars, West Stockbridge, Massachusetts

"I probably should have contacted Jim McCoy earlier, but you know how, when you are overwhelmed by life, the thought of doing anything else is overwhelming? This is exactly when you need Jim in your corner.


In addition to assorted curveballs life had thrown me, I was facing a very tough deadline with a novel—it required a rewrite of several hundred pages in a matter of weeks. In a series of weekly sessions, Jim helped me get perspective on what I needed to do, both with the novel and with the other things I was juggling. I finished the novel on time.


He gave me weekly homework assignments that were a pleasure—not because I particularly like homework, but because the thinking he asked me to do always seemed to unlock something that had confounded me for years.


After that, I checked in with him less frequently. And then found my life had returned to a point that felt manageable. Actually, that's not the right word for it. For the first time in a long while, I felt happy. This was part Jim, part the work I did, and part the satisfaction of finishing a long-term project the way I wanted. But the Jim part? Essential. I hope you call on him to help you too."


Martha Brockenbrough, Seattle, Washington

"Hey, I want to thank you for your sound advice about making micro-changes. Last March I decided that I would start tracking everything I ate - no judgement, no guilt, just writing down (well, logging on  MyFitnessPal) everything I eat and drink. By simply enforcing mindfulness with that one tiny change, I’ve lost 52 pounds and am on track to reach a healthy weight over the next year or so. I never would have gotten here without making that one small change. So thank you."


Kathleen Sweeney, Medford, Massachusetts

“Over 3 years, Jim helped me work through some personal problems with myself and my relationships.  It was collaborative.  It was problem solving for life issues.  It made me a better person for myself and the ones I love.


A life coach is an objective guide and mentor for your life – just like sport coaches are for sports.  I found that you must invest in yourself to achieve improvement or coaching won’t work.  The coach isn’t going to do it for you.


Jim was objective, had a wealth of life experiences from helping others, and was patient, kind, and thorough.  He also was focused on goals that I set for myself and helped me achieve them.  It was not psychotherapy and would never be – but I wasn’t looking for a shrink.  However, he asked good questions and help me focus in on what I needed to do to improve myself and my relationships.  Over time and with his help, my journey of introspection about my behaviors, attitudes, and interactions with others came to fruition.  This set of realizations allowed me, with his guidance and advice, to plan ways to personally improve with realistic goals and milestones and move toward them.


Jim helped me be a better me.  If you need to find focus and improve your quality of life, Jim will help!


Bob N., Chelsea, Massachusetts