personal coaching

confidence through clarity

I will work closely with you to thoroughly understand your motivations, consider your current circumstances, examine your assumptions, and weigh your alternatives. The more clarity you have about who you are, what you want, and what is possible, the better decisions you'll make, and the more confidence you'll have in making those decisions.

how do the sessions work?

I often meet clients face-to-face in a comfortable environment, but if time, geography, or preference dictate, we can work effectively by phone as well. Generally speaking, each session will last approximately one hour, but depending on our schedules or what we're working on at the time, we might spend more or less time in a given session.

what do we work on?

This process works well in any area of your life. We might work on your career, your love life, your health and fitness, a challenging transition, managing your stress, or making you better organized and more productive. There is a best way for you to be you, in whatever area of your life, and we can address whatever needs attention.

how long is the process?

Initially we'll discuss expectations for the number of sessions that are appropriate to your needs. We can solve a specific problem in a handful of sessions over a few weeks, or take on something bigger over a longer period of time. It will always be flexible.

If you'd like to learn more about the coaching practice and what we can do together, please don't hesitate to contact me. There is no charge for the initial twenty minute consultation, and there's no obligation; if we're going to work closely together, it's important that you feel comfortable with me and understand what we're trying to do.